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7 Ways Society Benefits From The Use of Helicopters

The invention of the helicopter was pioneered in the early 20th century by Paul Cornu, and the first commercial helicopters were manufactured around the start of the Second World War. Today, helicopters fulfil numerous useful applications.

Healthcare Emergencies

Helicopters are quick to tend to people who need immediate medical attention. Helicopters can take patients to a medical facility in minutes. This is especially useful if the patient is in an area that is difficult to reach for ambulances or other emergency vehicles.

Tending To Natural Disasters

When there is a dangerous forest fire, flood, or other natural disaster, helicopters can be used to carry vast amounts of water to blaze fires or to carry people to safety who are in danger.

Tourism and Recreation

Sightseeing tours via a helicopter can be used to get a birds-eye view from the sky. Tourists can pay a lot of money for helicopter services to experience a guided tour of a popular city or destination.

Nature Conservation

Helicopters have a clear view from above to check on the health of fauna and flora from the sky. Many nature conservationists use helicopters to watch over wildlife and to prevent instances of poaching.

Private Business Operations

Many private individuals own a helicopter, and they may even have a private pilot that flies them off to the occasional business conference or meeting. Private helicopter pilots can earn a lot of money this way.

Agricultural Applications

Helicopters can be used to tend to crops and fields in the agricultural industry. Farmers can attach various instruments to a helicopter, such as a pesticide spraying mechanism and other devices.

Typographical Assessments

Researchers can use helicopters to conduct typographical assessments of an environment from the air. Helicopters are also used for aerial photography in this manner.

Military Operations

The military employs helicopter pilots who perform during military operations. These helicopter pilots may be used during conflict or during a breach of national security.

It is fascinating to see how influential the helicopter has been throughout the world in the last century. Learn more about helicopters at the British Helicopter Association.