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5 Reasons Why Helicopters Provide The Best Sightseeing Tours

Helicopter tours provide passengers with a unique view from above. Thinking about taking a helicopter tour? Here are a few reasons why it will likely be the most memorable experience you have ever encountered.

1.      Helicopters Give The Best View

Sightseeing tours from a helicopter will give you a clear birds-eye view of most things that are happening on the ground. Large and small objects can often be seen and described in detail. You will be able to see people, cars, buildings, and the natural environment in a whole new way.

2.      Meeting an Experienced Pilot

It is not often you get a chance to have a close and personal encounter with an experienced helicopter pilot. Unlike in an aeroplane, where the passenger is not allowed to talk to the pilot, passengers in a helicopter can see, hear, and talk to their pilot at any time.

3.      Experience Unique Guided Tours

Helicopter tours take the concept of a guided tour to a whole new level. Passengers can listen to their experienced pilot speak about the history of buildings or natural phenomena in the area while flying overhead, giving everyone a good view of what exactly is being discussed. This is a unique way to learn more about the history and development of an area.

4.      The Thrill of The Adventure

Travelling in a helicopter is a thrilling adventure at the hands of an experienced pilot. Watching a pilot manoeuvre through buildings and over the landscape is a truly gratifying experience. Helicopters can travel exceptionally fast, and the take-off and landing will likely send shivers down your spine.

5.      The Best Gift or Special Occasion

A helicopter ride is a unique and special way to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion. Many people find the idea of proposing marriage on a helicopter to be both exciting and exhilarating. It may be the gift that overshadows all other gifts you’ve ever given.

There is no reason not to book a guided helicopter tour for your next holiday. Follow Fly East Midlands Helicopters for more information about sightseeing tours and helicopter pilots.