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What It Takes To Become A Helicopter Pilot

Aspiring helicopter pilots can explore various ways of fulfilling their dream. The journey needs to start with a solid educational foundation followed by flight-related experience in the industry.

The theoretical and academic foundation can be laid via a private training organisation or by applying to a reputable university institution. There are a series of prerequisites and entry requirements before one is accepted at a learning institution.

The applicant needs to show proof of Class 2 medical certification to show evidence of good health. Applicants would need to have scored a minimum of 4 or 5 GCSEs in grades 9 to 4 (A* to C) for their application to be considered.

The prerequisites for applying to a flight training organisation are a little stricter, with evidence of mastery in subjects like maths, science, and language. The application will also involve a series of medical assessments and skills tests.

For individuals who are thinking of a career as a helicopter pilot, it’s recommended to take a pilot Aptitude Assessment before starting with training. There are also various organisations that will provide advice on getting the right qualifications for the job.

A pilot’s daily duties may involve checking favourable weather conditions, logistics, organising flight times, safety checks, communicating with traffic control, using flight instruments and methods of communication, and filling out the necessary paperwork before and after a flight.

There are many jobs in the commercial and private sectors that offer suitable work opportunities for gaining flight experience. Pilots with more experience are likely to become more independent or to get better job opportunities.

Experienced pilots can use their experience to go into recruitment or training to help the next generation of pilots. Even though becoming an experienced pilot takes many years, there are numerous apprenticeships, courses, and jobs in the helicopter pilot industry.

However, aspiring pilots need to do enough research about the field before starting with training. Helicopters provide a unique opportunity for people to experience the world from above, whether it is for sightseeing purposes or business.