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Official Helicopter Safety Guidelines

There are several safety and risk factors that need to be considered before a helicopter pilot can take flight. Pilots can follow these official safety guidelines to help themselves and their passengers feel safer in the air.

Do Safety Checks Before Departure

Have a checklist that you can tick off to make sure that you have made all the necessary safety checks. The checklist can include checking safety equipment, computer monitors, legal documentation, communication equipment, fuel levels, and other features of the helicopter that will ensure you have a safe and secure flight.

Plan The Trip and Be Prepared For Safety Risks

It is essential to plan your trip days in advance to make calculations about the weather, wind direction, distance, fuel requirements, and so forth to be well prepared for the journey. Having tools and safety equipment on board will come in handy in case of an emergency landing. Make sure to rest well and carry extra water for long journeys.

Staying Alert and Avoiding Complacency

It is easy for experienced pilots to get into a habit of complacency, but no matter how experienced a pilot is, there is always a need to constantly refresh your memory on navigation principles and aviation concepts. It is especially important to remain focused on the journey when carrying passengers.

Avoid Cruising At Low Altitudes

It can be extremely dangerous to cruise at low altitudes for a long time. Pilots need to be high enough to avoid obstacles on the ground like trees and wires. Mountainous areas can be extremely dangerous, and pilots should keep a careful eye on their gauges to monitor their elevation above ground level.

Obey Laws and Regulations

Pilots should do their best to obey traffic laws and flight regulations. They should also be in constant communication with air traffic control centres to avoid collisions in flight and to make sure they do not enter illegal air space.

Helicopter pilots, whether starting out or highly experienced, can take these useful safety guidelines into consideration before taking off next time. Find out what it takes to become a successful helicopter pilot.